Why Birthdays Are Meaningful

By the time you read this paper, I’ll be 17 years old. Even though I’ll finally be able to sing “Dancing Queen” with a little more conviction, it’s strange to think of where the time has gone.

Birthdays are happy days, but they’re also a little bittersweet. When my little brothers have a birthday, I cringe at how they get closer to teenagers, and farther from sweet little kids. When my parents have a birthday, it forces me to notice their grey hairs. Birthdays are a day of celebration, a time to reflect on the past year, and anticipate the next. However, when I look back on the past year,

I feel a little sad. I wasn’t really able to celebrate my 16th birthday, but 16 was so exciting! However, I feel like 16 slipped by me, just like so many others in the pandemic.

We all lost a year of our lives, and some lost many more. Now that the pandemic finally seems to be ending, I hope we can all make the most of this next year. Sixteen might have been a bust, but 17 is looking promising. Even though a birthday is just another day, anyone can make it the start of a new chapter. I sincerely hope everyone can make the next year, whenever your birthday may fall, one where you live the year you want.

By Julia Abbott

Julia Abbott is a local high school student who has been writing for us since she was in elementary school. She has won awards in debating, speaking, writing, piano and dance.

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