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What Does the Month of February Mean to Us?

Love is in the air … especially in the month of love, or so it’s said. Not everyone believes this is true. Sometimes Valentine’s Day rolls around so soon, that you swear a year couldn’t possibly have passed by.

Then, you think back to how the day went last year, which felt like yesterday. Those memories take you over for a bit, whether joyful or not. Did you get those perfectly trimmed long stem roses sent to you, have an exciting night out on the town, or get some other divine surprise or gift from the one you love, and who loves you?

If not, don’t go down the rabbit hole. Pull yourself back into reality and make this time special and unforgettable with those currently around you. Plan something special just for yourself, if you’re not in a relationship. Go hang out with or invite friends over for a night of cuisine and fun times. If you have children, let them choose the plan for the evening, as they’ll leave you pleasantly surprised. (I know this from experience.) You can even decide to do nothing at all, and just relax with a good book, movie, and/or snacks.

Last year, one of my special girl friends sent me some gorgeous flowers (a favorite of mine). It brought me so much joy! I also like to bring treats to share with my work family to help brighten their day as well. It’s the thought!

Don’t let not having a relationship get you down, and forget about ALL you do have. Everyone has someone who they love, or who loves them. Sometimes neither knows this fact is true, as it hasn’t been shared yet. Timing is everything in relationships, and that special someone will most likely come along when you least expect it.

And, if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at all, use the time to do something unique and enjoyable.

Continue to do your best to remember all the people in your life who are there for you, show you love, and bring you joy. The number of people isn’t as important as when those you are close to are genuine and loving in their experiences with you.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is just one day. However, love is necessary and needed on a daily basis!

By Stacy McClendon

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