What Can We Learn From a Puppy?

Q: During the past year of the Pandemic, we have seen many new puppies get adopted. What can we learn from a puppy’s perspective?

A: 1. Always wag your tail! OK, we can’t wag our tails, but let your family and friends know that you’re happy to be with them!

2. Be the mantra: “Good Boy! or Good Girl!”

3. Always greet people with joy, even if it’s only been two minutes since you’ve last seen them.

4. Induce anyone to smile whenever they see you!

5. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life: walks, food … and treats!

6. Relish in the NOW !

7. Isn’t it playtime all the time,(except when napping)?

8. Forgive and forget.

9. Give unconditional love! (Puppies don’t care about your net worth, your appearance, or mood.)

10. Be your authentic self.

Paws and Claws Column:

By Dr. Frank Lavac


He can be reached at his office at VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital, 310-828-4587.

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