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What Are You Leaping to Do on February 29?

Hello readers! OK, last month I wrote about setting your SMART goals for 2024.

Were you able to get some down on paper or at least take some time to think about some “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Sensitive” goals? If not, no worries! This month we can have an extra bite at the apple. How? Just like that extra hour we used to experience with Daylight Savings in the Fall, this month we get an extra entire day!

Following February 28, we will not immediately start March 1, but rather we get to have the once in every four years Leap Day, aka February 29!

Why do we have Leap Day? Well, while we define a year as 365 days, the truth is that it takes 365.2422 days for the Earth to complete a full revolution around the Sun. That extra fraction of a day creates a problem for our current calendar. We are not able to just add it to the day. However, if we were to just get rid of the extra .2422 portion, after a period of time, the lost fraction would add up to a very consequential number and lead to the seasons as we know them dramatically shifting.

Basically, the months during which we normally experience each season would change (i.e., after some time, our hot Summers would be in January, and not July!) Aside from affecting our own schedules and plans, losing the .2422 would also drastically impact the growing and harvesting of crops we need to survive.

Leap Day and Year exist to provide a solution. When four separate 0.2422 days are added up, they roughly equal one full day. Thus, the birth of February 29!

Now that you know the reason behind it, what can you do with this extra day? For those of us with littles, or just wanting a break from the typical stresses of our average days, this day could be a wonderful opportunity for “leap-filled” activities.

As I mentioned above, you could continue to “leap” into 2024 and spend some time working on your future goals. Perhaps set aside 29 minutes to just sit and reflect. If you have already made some SMART goals, use this extra day to revisit them and see if you are on track to achieve them.

If you want to do a more family related activity, take the time to discover your “leap-year age.” Divide everyone’s age by 4. Everyone then gets to act their leap-year age for the day.

Perhaps, you want to forecast the future! Either by yourself or with your family, set aside time to imagine what your lives will look like four years from now and record your predictions. Then, save them somewhere to be revisited at the next leap year in 2028.

If making an actual time capsule is more your style, gather items from the whole family to put in a shoe box, and then store it until the next leap year.

For those of us wanting to lighten our load, February 29 may be the perfect day to go through our clothes, toys, or items we no longer need. Find 29 items that you are ready to part with and donate them.

There are so many fun ways to experience this once every four years day. On February 29, “leap” up and enjoy it! God Bless!

By Cheryl Thode

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