Westside Sanitize Services Focuses on Keeping Our Community Clean and Safe

Updated: Sep 13

Each month, Andy Gomez, owner of Westside Sanitize Services, picks one school to offer his sanitation and cleaning services for free. He believes it is important to help disinfect schools and public spaces at all times, as a preventative precaution during the pandemic.

His family business, Westside Sanitize Services, also offers cleaning to those whose homes and businesses may have already been infected. “When someone has tested positive for COVID-19 and needs their house sprayed and cleaned, we suit up and work very slowly and carefully. Jumpsuits, face masks, and gloves are worn,” describes Andy.

Andy, a Santa Monica High School graduate and certified welder, shifted gears at the start of the pandemic to work with his mother, Blanca Gomez, and other family members to run the cleaning service. With children of his own, he realized how important this work is right now to keep everyone safe and healthy. When I spoke with Andy, he was preparing to work with a preschool the following day. In the future, he hopes he can continue to help more businesses, daycares, and low-income schools.

A lot of places aren’t using sanitation because a lot of businesses charge an arm and a leg for sanitation. That’s why I try to help with offering my services for free to one school a month. With new scientific studies and health measures related to the pandemic emerging on a day-to-day basis, Andy makes sure he conducts his due diligence about taking the right safety precautions in his work.

“There's a lot of contradicting information going around,” he relates. “At the end of the day, it’s more knowledge and information we take in, to apply safety measures to our own cleaning methods.”

Andy knows how imperative cleanliness is at all times, not just during a pandemic. He hopes more official measures will be applied in the days to come.

“I hope in the future, they apply the same “A” grading service that they apply to restaurants to schools and daycares.”

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By Kalina Silverman


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