Visit The New Location of Vienna Pastry

Tucked away on the first floor of the Wilshire Bundy Plaza resides one of Santa Monica’s most beloved bakeries – Vienna Pastry. As I walked into the new location, I was greeted by two large glass cases showcasing a beautiful and tempting array of baked goods.

Just right of the door, the bakery provides adequate seating for their many beloved customers. Originally purchased by the current owners in 1985, Vienna Pastry holds a significant bond within the hearts of many. Nevertheless, with COVID-19 pandemic hurting many businesses, Vienna Pastry was forced

to temporarily shut down.

When I asked what made the business so special, Lisa, the daughter of the owner, stated, “Everyone has a story here.” What a true statement that was. Many who found the new location cried tears of joy when it reopened. One customer went as far to say, “I could kiss the ground of this store.” I believe I speak for many when I say that westsiders are delighted to have such a staple part of our community back; and a team working harder than ever to provide their popular delicious and appealing goods.

To experience Vienna Pastry’s new location, visit 12121 Wilshire Blvd. at Bundy, enter on the ground floor, and follow the center hall to the reception desk. Once you are there, simply turn right where you will see and enjoy the scents of Vienna Pastry. Once you enter, you can anticipate the delicious treats and welcoming service you have been receiving for years.

They offer online ordering, curbside pickup or delivery. Call 424-293-0404 for more details and store hours.

By Corinne Pagan

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