Turn of the Year Tech Tasks

Updated: Jan 10

While the resolutions people make for 2021 may look very different from those of years past, the turn of the year is bound to bring new commitments and goals, regardless. While resolutions usually revolve around fitness and diet, technology is just as important a component of lifestyle to re-examine and shape up. Consider committing to one or all of these five tech tasks for the new year:

1. Save the old! If your important documents, photos, and other files haven’t been backed up to a cloud or other device, consider looking into an external hard drive, cloud service, or another online collating service like Dropbox or Google Drive to ensure your favorite digital entities aren’t tied to one physical object for longevity.

2. Alternatively: Declutter! Do you really need that random photo that’s still on your phone from 2014 that you haven’t looked at in seven years now? How about that app that you downloaded intending to use all the time that’s now just eating up your device’s RAM? Take a few minutes at the start of each month to revisit what you’re dedicating your digital space to, and what no longer warrants the platform.

3. Review your subscriptions. It’s tedious, but unsubscribing from email blasts, newsletters, online shopping updates, and other such “junk mail” that’s likely progressively stuffing your inbox full, will save you both digibytes and time longterm when you no longer have to sort through piles of unread and unimportant emails in the future trying to find the correspondence you’re actually looking for.

4. Donate or recycle your old tech. How many of us still have old ipods lying around that we no longer use to listen to music? How about broken or not-quite-broken but definitely-not-functional laptops? Even a pile of old batteries? Declutter your physical space by finding a way to either wipe clean and donate your old tech toys or to connect with an electronic store or other service that will help you recycle it in an environmentally responsible fashion.

5. Repair! Is there a tech tool that you’re not quite ready to let go of yet but that has some broken component keeping you from using it? Whether it’s a kitchen blender or a cell phone or a lightswitch, now is the time to reduce waste by foregoing grabbing at the newest, fastest solution, and instead tap into the knowledge of friends, family – and official repair services to get the tech in our lives up and running again.

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By Dr. Miceala Shocklee

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