Traveling the World by Creating an International Environment With Food

Our columnist Qin Stubis and her family have created an international atmosphere in their home by serving meals from various countries. She is in her “French” garden in her backyard in Bethesda, MD

I can't believe that more than a year has passed since the pandemic started and our world shrank to the size of a rabbit hole. I'm happy to report that though the Stubis family is still in hiding, we are by no means hibernating.

We have managed to live, work, and entertain ourselves, maintaining a relatively normal life all together snug in our burrow. If this were a social experiment, we could proudly say that, as a family, we have succeeded in staving off cabin fever, despite living in close quarters for an entire year.

Surprisingly, we now enjoy each other even more! At a time when we cannot go out in the world, we have learned to invite the world into our home, entertaining ourselves with books, movies, music, and foods from around the world.

With the help of online grocery shopping, we've been operating an "on-demand" international restaurant at home, traveling the world every day by serving up fare from Moroccan lamb shanks with lentils to French duck confit, and Chinese tofu with dried scallops to Spanish paella. Food has been our secret weapon in fighting this pandemic, and staying sane and happy. And, we've saved a ton of money on airline tickets.

By Qin Sun Stubis

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