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To All Our Dads – Thank You So Much

To all the striving, thriving, trying, loving and stepping up dads out there, thank you! Thank you for showing up for your families, being present, contributing, and just being you!  


While your official day of celebration for this year is Sunday, June 16, 2024, know that your community, family, and your children love you and appreciate you being a part of their lives. There is no question that each and every one of you serves a very important role!


For this article, I reflected on the many fathers I have known, and have come to know over my 40 years of life. From my own father to the fathers of my peers, to my father-in-law, to my husband, to the fathers of my parents, cousins, nieces, nephews, and the fathers of my own children’s friends, there is not one mold or model of a father. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and they each use their gifts to best fit the demands of their own individual role. Looking at all of these men and their critical and necessary part in their family and children’s lives, I am in awe of how each father has assumed their role to care for, support, protect, and provide for their children. To those who love them, they are more than just a father, they are dad, daddy, poppy, papa, pops, dada, etc.   


Dads are the ones who help us mamas, fill in the gaps, teach their sons how to act in society, and model for their daughters what a good man acts and looks like. 


In my own life, my husband’s involvement in our children’s lives is not only beneficial to them, but a needed respite for me. From the day we brought our children home from the hospital, he has been an ever present support to me and an active, loving father to our sons.  


As every parent knows, it is hard to raise a child. You need a village, right? Well, a very important part of that village is a father. A father to help, guide, protect, provide and most importantly, love. Show me a father with a newborn baby in his arms, and I will show you a man filled with unconditional love and a desire to be all and everything that child needs. 


While life may throw bumps and curve balls at that relationship, deep down that father will always love that child. Remember that! 


Oftentimes, I feel our society for whatever reason downplays the role of our dads in our lives. For some it has gotten to the point that even the father doesn’t know his own worth in his children’s lives. That is not okay. We all, especially dads, play a vital role. I challenge you to think about your own dad (the man who stepped up for you) and list three ways your connection with him bettered your life. Then, if he is still with us, call him up or send him a card listing how he impacted your life for the better. If he is no longer here, go outside, look at the clouds and send up some love to him. 


Dads have a major and important place in our children’s lives. For those of us blessed enough to have a dad who shows up and leans into the daily activities of our kids, celebrate it! Celebrate that man! 


To all the fathers out there, keep up the great work and have a Happy Father’s Day! God Bless!

By Cheryl Thode

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