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There’s a New Woman in Town

Usually in our Love Links column we run stories about couples and their weddings. But, we want to include all aspects of a wedding celebration. And, what is worn at the wedding is important.


This month we are highlighting the work of Hanna Hartnell. She is a well-known local designer whose couture gowns have great appeal to the mothers and grandmothers of members of the bridal party.


She explains that her dresses have “styling that is classic and will always have an easy, glamorous look.” A special creation of hers is the floral combination silk chiffon coat that works with either color of the reversible dress and solves so many issues…bare arms, too much sun, or A/C.


Hanna continues, “Currently, my gowns are made to order choosing the design from my collection with the client's color choice, cut, and sewn to order. Shortly, plans are to have a small collection available for fine boutiques that carried my fabulous Twisted Silks and Velvets in the eighties.”


Some gowns are reversible – lined in the same beautiful silk charmeuse as the gown – reversible inside out. The bride's colors for the wedding are worn on one side. Then, reverse it with your favorite color for the after-party, and for parties yet to come. Coat chiffons are each made to match the client's chosen gown colors.


For more information, call Hanna at 310-393-6587.

The dress above is a printed silk chiffon with sequin detail and a raspberry silk chiffon coat. The coat has a covered button/loop closure at the center front, a tapered bell sleeve. Side and center back seams are open to the lower waist allowing the flowing panels movement and allure.

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