The Year of the Tiger: Showing Your True Stripes

Many say intelligence can be seen in the eyes. If you have ever looked into a tiger’s eyes, I’m sure that you were impressed by their intense golden glow, as if the purest amber were on fire. William Blake, an English poet, captured this perfectly:

Tyger Tyger, burning bright

In the forest of the night.

Tigers are among the most magnificent predatory creatures in our world. Due to their fierce, wild, and solitary nature, few of us have seen them outside a zoo visit, a safari adventure or a National Geographic documentary.

Normally, they roam in their own habitat, far away from human civilization, although starting on the first day of this month, we get to enjoy their presence in our lives. Welcome to the Chinese Year of the Tiger!

To celebrate its arrival, Asian families decorate their windows and doors with red paper cutouts of tigers, welcoming the spirit of the jungle into their lives. Those who fervently believe in the ancient Chinese zodiac will also modify their behavior in accordance with the latest "tiger" forecasts in dating, finance, and health.

Of the 12 birth animals in the Chinese lunar calendar, the tiger is third in line. Those born in its year are supposed to inherit its personality traits for life. A fortune teller often relies on such knowledge to predict someone's personality and fortune.

In nature, tigers are playful and athletic, capable of running 30-40 miles per hour. They are smart and skilled hunters, good at launching surprise attacks on their prey. Though viciously territorial, tigers are known to be kind and caring toward their own partners and cubs.

Like tigers, those born in its year are said to be strong, courageous and smart. They know how to put up a fight or get the job done, even under mounting pressure or time constraints. Being loyal and trustworthy, they also make great friends to protect those they love and care about. "Tigers" are good-looking people and know how to use their charm.

I'm sure that they themselves won't dispute this. But fear not that all the greatness of such a noble beast exempts them from having flaws, for they will inherit a big cat's impulsive behavior and must take precautions against their own unpredictability and overconfidence in life.

No matter what birth animal we belong to in the Chinese zodiac, we can all benefit from the luscious gold color of the tiger, the very symbol of prosperity. So, put on your tiger stripes and enjoy the year. May this mighty cat bring us all health, wealth, and happiness!

Refections From the East Column

By Qin Stubis

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