The World Within the Word "Pandemic"

Updated: Oct 4

Publisher's note: The pandemic has been frightening and often hard to understand, so our longtime Santa Monica Star columnist Qin Sun Stubis thought she would use her pen to try and demystify the phenomenon just a bit by writing a poem that explores and breaks down the many words, meanings and feelings hidden within the word "pandemic." Her poem was recently selected to be published in the literary magazine, "Paper Dragon" and she is now sharing it with us.

The World Within the Word "Pandemic"

If you're feeling somewhat sad and manic,

don't just stay home and idly panic.

Why not divert yourself, instead,

with a game to map the world of words within the word "pandemic"?

Isolation can dampen anyone's day.

Loneliness is made with pain.

You wish to nap or pace the time away

until life is normal yet again.

We've paid too dear a price

How many still have yet to die?

With the devil's own dice, it gambles with our lives

The virus is a damn madman -- or to some, a lie.

No use to wait idly by,

our responses anemic, pained, or softly whined.

But through the power of each unbounded mind,

instead, fight for the pandemic to be fully defined.

It's time for the enemy to be undermined.

Arouse the brave penman within you

Mince no words to conquer this sorrow

and release the pain of all that emotion

from your life today and tomorrow

So, hold your pen tight,

whether you're mice or men, caped heroes, or an academic.

Take up the fight wherever you've pitched your camp

and battle with words

to mend our souls, even dance away the fear

until the end of this wretched pandemic.

Reflections from the East Column

By Qin Sun Stubis

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