Susan Loranger Named New President of Landmark Equity Properties

Susan Loranger is now President of Landmark Equity Properties

Los Angeles-based Landmark Equity Properties has announced the appointment of Susan Loranger as its president, effective June 1.

Previously recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of Los Angeles’ Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate, Susan joined the company in 2020 following 19 years as Vice President and Director of Marketing and Leasing for Southern California’s largest publicly traded REIT, Douglas Emmett where she had oversight of leasing a portfolio of over ten million square feet.

Landmark Equity Properties Chairman Mark Wittcoff added that “Susan’s diverse experience and vast expertise is valued by our clients and partners who will benefit tremendously from her stewardship of their real estate investments.”

Established in 2016, Landmark Equity Properties is a Los Angeles- based commercial real estate investment management firm that provides asset management, leasing, project management, construction management, acquisitions to private equity, and institutional owners of income properties in the United States.

As president, Susan becomes one of very few women to lead a national commercial real estate investment and management firm in the United States. One of her broker friends, Sonya B. Schmidt, Vice President at CBRE, wrote to her on LinkedIn, “Congrats. Susan! You are an inspiration and have been a great mentor for so many female brokers over the years. They are lucky to have you!”

Susan grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan where her dad worked in the automobile industry. He wanted his own dealership so he moved his family to Toronto, Canada. It was a big change for 12-year-old Susan, where the people were warm and friendly, but at times she got teased for her Michigan accent. As she got older, during summers she worked at her dad’s dealership in reception, accounting, and the parts and service departments. Eventually, she got into auto sales.

A close family friend managed a large national commercial real estate firm, and Susan got really interested in that field as she learned more about it. Susan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Honors English with Economics from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario Canada.

When her college roommate decided to move to Los Angeles, Susan thought she would join her, work for two years, and then return to university for her MBA. She ended up selling cars at a Cadillac agency in Beverly Hills for a short time, but then decided to pursue a career in real estate when the opportunity arose.

She started with an entry level position typing leases and proposals, and eventually had an opportunity to lease buildings on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Subsequently, she took a listing in the office that no one else wanted to attempt leasing. She ended up successfully leasing it and several others. Soon, she was the person Douglas Emmett management wanted to handle all of their leasing activity. When she started, “There were 40 of us,” she recalls, “and we had 700,000 sq. ft. to lease. During my tenure, we grew to 10.5 million sq. ft., and over 500 employees. I managed a department with eight leasing agents, three attorneys a marketing coordinator, and administrative assistants.”

When the company went public, Susan wanted to make a change. After 19 years, she missed the family feel of a smaller office. “The culture changes,” she explained. “It becomes more corporate.”

She is looking forward to working with Mark Wittcoff at Landmark Equity Properties because he is also a hard worker, very knowledgeable in commercial asset management, and they both share the same vision to grow the company.

Susan loves living in Santa Monica and riding her bike all over the tree-lined streets and beach bike path. She also enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and skiing. In addition, she serves as a member of the UCLA Stroke Rescue Program Council of Advocates.

By Diane Margolin

Publisher, The Santa Monica Star

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