Surviving the Summer: Key Indoor Apps

Now in year two of pandemic, how this summer will look is anyone’s guess. Many are hopeful that springtime declines in local covid rates, bold moves by local governments to allow various versions of re-opening, and the increasing availability of COVID-19 vaccines will lead to a summertime chance at travel and interaction. Yet, the past year has taught us that it’s better to be pessimistically prepared than optimistically out of luck – and toilet paper.

In case your personal health and safety or the state of the nation at large leads to another round of spending mid-year in the great indoors, get set and settled with the following apps:

Food Delivery: Straight-to-your-door delivery services abound. Whether it’s Postmates, DoorDash, or UberEats for restaurant food; Imperfect Foods or Hello Fresh for recipe-ready meals; or Amazon Pantry or store-specific online accounts for your day to day grocery needs, the options are many to keep you well fed even when you can’t get past your door.

Meditation: Limitations are irksome. Rather than letting cabin fever lead to family blow-outs, consider incorporating apps like Headspace or DownDog to bring some calm to however COVID has shaped your life now.

Words: While moments of silence are important, apps like Kindle and Audible and the ever-increasing podcast platforms can bring some content to the quiet moments. Whether words are for escaping or learning or laughing, the little box of electronics in your pocket can hold a world of possibility to

explore words.

COVID-19 tracking apps: Especially as face to face interaction increases and people may become lax on their safety protocols, having an app that helps you keep track of your personal risk profile based on where you go and whom you hang with, can help bring peace of mind.

Whether this is an app sponsored by local governments, Google, Apple, or your own personal spreadsheet, COVID-19 exposure tracking may become a mainstay of responsible social behavior.

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By Miceala Shocklee

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