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Right at Home Caregivers Treat Clients Like Family Members

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Caregivers from Right at Home will often help with household chores.

The world has spent nearly two years suffering through a global pandemic that has put immense emotional and financial strain on communities around the world. If there’s anything that can be learned from these difficult times, it’s the importance of health, family, and the love and care we give others and that others give to us. Tim Petlin and his team at Right at Home West Los Angeles are dedicated to providing this kind of love and care to those in need across Santa Monica and beyond.

“I’ve always worked in the field of healthcare in my career, and I had a lot of jobs where I was pretty disconnected from direct patient care,” said Tim, who was inspired to enter the world of healthcare by his mother, who was a nurse.

“I’ve been doing this now for 10 years, and I get to see clients all the time, work with new people, and discover how what we’re doing helps and influences people’s lives.”

Right at Home matches clients with trained caregivers to suit their personal needs. Part of a much larger nationwide franchise, Right at Home West Los Angeles is able to provide companion care, personal care, specialty care, and a variety of other services to the Santa Monica community.

“We don’t just supply caregivers,” Tim explained. “Care management is included in what we do. For example, if we have a client with no family locally, with children, cousins, or siblings that are remote, we become a point of contact for that person and we relay information.”

As winners of’s “Caring Super Star” award for the past four years in a row, Tim and his team go above and beyond for their clients, focusing particularly on two core components of their mission: providing great care and customer service.

“We don't want our clients to hesitate to come to us for anything,” Tim declared. “When we make a commitment to our clients, we stick to it. We want to make sure they’re happy, and everyone here on our team has the same attitude. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure our clients are well-served.”

While the onset of the pandemic did have a marginal impact on the business, Right at Home West Los Angeles has had no documented cases of their caregivers affecting their clients, all of their caregivers are either vaccinated or tested weekly, and the company will continue to strictly adhere to current COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

“It’s what we do as a company to make sure our clients are happy with the home care services we’re providing, but also to help them stay safe in their home. Safety is always our number one concern.”

Another recent trend in the caregiving industry has been the shift many companies have made to make at-home care accessible through apps and other online means to help meet the ever-growing demand for this kind of service, but Tim explains that it’s not always so easy.

“There’s a great need for caregivers, and there are companies out there who try to innovate, who’ve tried to ‘Uberise’ what we do, but it’s not that easy. It goes back to the trust that people are putting in us. When you’re sitting in front of them, they want to look you in the eye and say, ‘Am I going to put my faith in this person?’”

It is this personal connection to clients in need that has kept Tim passionate about the inspirational work that he does and will continue to do in the future as owner of Right at Home West Los Angeles.

“To give the peace of mind to family members that their loved ones are looked after is very rewarding, because they know that, whether they're a block away or across the country, their loved one is being cared about.”

If you are a member of the Santa Monica community and are looking for quality care for yourself or a loved one, or are looking into a career as a caregiver and want to join a talented and energetic team, then contact Right at Home West Los Angeles through their website,, or call their phone number at 310-313-0600.

By Luke Netzley

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