Remembering All Who Were a Nurturing Presence

My great-grand-mother lived with my family when I was growing up and, she

was my second mother, helping to raise and care for me, teaching me values and what it means to treat others with kindness and respect. My third grade teacher took time to listen to my eight-year-old stories and in her, I found a nurturing presence that helped me to feel known and loved. My first boss was an older woman who took a chance and hired me to work for her, helping to build my skills and confidence.

Mother’s Day is coming up. We set aside this day to honor Mothers. It is a day to celebrate those in our families and in our wider community who bring us up and nurture us. Maybe it is a mother, grandmother or aunt – or maybe a teacher, Girl Scout leader, or a neighbor. I imagine we could each name those who have taken time for us and loved us. Who might those people be for you? Alongside the celebration and gratitude is also the experience of loss when we lose those who have impacted our lives in such meaningful ways. For some of us, this day brings sharp pains of grief and sadness. But, we remember and draw on the love and strength they gave to us and we honor them by passing it along to others, caring for those around us in the same ways.

This Mother’s Day…

-May you take a moment to offer gratitude to someone who has loved and nurtured you.

-May you take a moment to honor the losses for those who have loved you along the way.

-May you take a moment to share the love and caring you have received with someone else.

Happy Mother’s Day!

By Tricia Guerrero

Pastoral Associate for Family Ministries, First United Methodist Church

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