Operation London Bridge

Operation London Bridge was the code name for plans made long in advance for the events that would follow Queen Elizabeth's death, including her state funeral. Flags may not be flown at half-mast at your death, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't think about and plan ahead for the events that

will follow your own death.

Planning ahead, talking to your family and making your wishes known can be such a comfort when the time comes. Making advance arrangements for burial or cremation and paying for it now (called "preneed" planning) has the advantage of controlling expenses. And, with advance planning, a single call can set the plan in motion, providing comfort to the family.

If you've never given this much thought, there are new options, including a green or natural burial. Woodlawn Cemetery, Mausoleum & Mortuary here in Santa Monica offers a green/natural burial in its Eternal Meadow section.

Disposition of remains is only one piece of post-death planning. What are your thoughts about a remembrance? Do you want a funeral and if so, do you have religious preferences? Are there scriptures, poems, hymns, or songs that are meaningful to you that you would like included? Is there someone you want to officiate? If a funeral is not your choice, would you want some other form of celebration of life? Or leave instructions for a party?

The Queen's body was driven across Scotland and London following a route planned in advance. I know someone who has directed that his body be driven around his favorite places in Santa Monica. You can do that. It is entirely up to you. But, following the Queen's model of planning ahead, leaving few decisions left to be made during a time of grief can be a gift of comfort to your loved ones who will want to carry out your last wishes.

Planning Ahead Column

By Lisa Alexander, Esq

Lisa can be reach at 310-395-6555.

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