Online Learning Across the Grades

Currently, the vast majority of California’s students are engaged in online learning. However, this quick switch from classroom to home is a very new style of learning. My siblings and I span grades from kindergarten to tenth. “E-Learning” is rolling out in various ways across age levels. In elementary school, parents are visiting the school to pick up homework while printing some homework from teacher emails. This has been rocky, but things seem to be working out, as parents or siblings can teach basic math and English. I taught my brother multiplication tables yesterday and helped my sister with her geometry. However, for middle school and up, entire districts have turned to solely online schooling. In my case, I still have to log into courses at the correct time, so I’m still waking up early. In my sister’s case, she can complete the work at any time she pleases. However, this is new territory for almost everyone. Teachers have been working very creatively with limited resources. Schoology has been shutting down regularly since it has been used as an online learning platform, causing teachers to get creative. One teacher moved a math test to Zoom. Some teachers have created links, word documents, and a vast array of videos. In fact, I believe (in spite of the roadblocks) online learning is going extremely well. However, it is more independently based learning. I am an independent learner, so this system works very well for me. For those who are better dependent learners, this system is more of a challenge. Kids at my school used to joke about how much better online school would be. However, all the kids I know are beginning to sorely miss school. I, although I’m surprised I’m saying it, would love to go back to school tomorrow. Until then, I’ll be happy to utilize online learning, while remembering to be more grateful when I do return. For now, I hope that everyone is staying inside, staying healthy, and staying safe. By Julia Abbott

Julia is a local high school student.


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