New Business Blossoms in Pico Neighborhood

When I stepped into 2917 Pico Blvd. to meet Adriana Macias of Adriana’s Hair Studio and take a tour of her new salon that opened in February 2022, I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable. Our conversations quickly unveiled how this salon, which truly is a labor of love, came to be even with the opening being pushed back two years.

Adriana’s love of tresses began some 22 years ago. Adriana was raised in Santa Monica as a child, but moved away to Corona in her teens. She had always loved Santa Monica and desired to return.

However, a few large challenges attempted to get in the way of her dream to own a salon in Santa Monica. The first was that her four-year-old son was having a bout with cancer, and the second was a long and difficult dissolution of her marriage. Even with those events looming, and even when Adriana attempted to quit styling hair altogether, not once, but twice, hair styling always came to seek her out through a friend or acquaintance’s request.

Now, Adriana has a salon to call her own! Please call her at 310-702-0340 or stop by to meet her and to make an appointment.

If you have a new business in the Pico Neighborhood, please call 424-581-6005 to set up an introductory interview.

By Stacy McClendon

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