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My Dog is Keeping Me Awake

Q: My dog is constantly licking his feet and rubbing his face. Is he anxious? He is keeping me awake at night chewing on his feet.

A: This is a very common problem.  It is very unlikely that it has anything to do with anxiety.


The most common reason for this symptom is Inhaled Allergies, referred to as Atopy. When dogs inhale pollens to which they are allergic, the most common signs are foot licking because their feet are very itchy. It seems a bit counterintuitive that inhaled allergies would cause that as you might expect more respiratory issues, but that is not the case in dogs.


The most common allergies that we see in dogs are inhaled allergies, flea allergies, food allergies and contact allergies.


There are several effective and safe treatments for Atopy, including Cytopoint which is a monoclonal antibody.

By Dr. Frank Lavac, MS, DVM

If you have any questions, you can contact Dr. Lavac at 310-828-4587.

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