Mothers of Monica - Give Yourself a Break This 2021

Cheryl with her two-year-old son taking a walk on the beach.

This past December, my son turned two. It was such a joyous occasion among the craziness of the new normal caused by the pandemic. Experiencing the world through the eyes of a child (especially a toddler), is a blessing. As every mom knows, that moment makes all the late night wake-ups, tantrums, tears, and drama so worth it. That moment of sheer joy and excitement to be alive is what we all need and desire in our lives. God is good, and you are blessed.

However, sometimes the humdrum of our lives block out the blessings. How do we recenter and remember that we are blessed to be alive?

So often, in the new year, moms (like most of the world) look at the past year and write a dozen or so resolutions designed to fix some aspect of life that we think should be changed. However, this year, let’s do something different. We deserve a break. Let’s relax our expectations and celebrate our blessings.

Mom life is tough enough, so if you’re setting resolutions this year, go easy on yourself. Here are six doable resolutions to consider as you enter this new year: 1) Set time aside to review your day and reflect on your blessings; 2) Call your parents just because; 3) Give your child an extra hug at bedtime and savor it; 4) Treat your body with kindness (enjoying every dimple, blemish and wrinkle); 5) Lean into the fun (wherever you find it); and most importantly; 6) Give yourself grace.

Mama, you are doing a great job, and you are enough. Being a mother is a gift; enjoy it. Whether you are a mother of a newborn or a grandmother, you have contributed to one of the most amazing life events there is: fostering the next generation. If you do one thing and one thing only this year, ditch the mom guilt and give yourself a little more grace. Moms change the world. To find out more about Mothers of Monica, go to

By Cheryl Robertson Thode

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