Mothers, Join in on Your Own Celebration!

This month, we as individuals and as a society celebrate and honor our mothers and the vocation of motherhood. While officially we celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, mothers are, and should be celebrated the whole year round.

After all, in the words of Anna Jarvis (the creator of the first Mother’s Day), a mother is the one “… person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.”

Often, Mother’s Day celebrations are focused on what others can do to celebrate and honor their mothers. However, I would like to propose an alternate approach. In addition to the celebrations directed at and for mothers, we as moms should also take the day, month, and year to participate in celebrating and honoring ourselves as mothers too.

We should be more than just passive receivers of others' praise. I suggest that we “pat ourselves on the back,” and give ourselves self-praise for how we are handling the tough calling of motherhood.

While it may feel awkward and a little crazy to say to yourself, “Hey, I am a great mom!” or “I am proud of how I handled that situation with my child today,” we should still try to do it. It is scientifically proven that our brains need to hear positive affirmation and praise for our actions, especially from our critics. Who is a mom’s toughest critic? Herself. It is an amazing boost of happiness, energy, and confidence for our brain to hear ourselves say, “I did a good job!”

Whatever the undertaking, voicing self-praise or physically giving ourselves a pat on the back for an action we took is one of the most powerful self-care acts we can do. You, fellow mother, have the power to control your own happiness and success. Celebrate your successes regardless of the size. This month, I challenge you to reflect on what you were able to get through or get done. Then, either write these items down in a place you can see them (to help remind yourself that you are doing great) or tell them to a close friend or family member (so they can repeat to you your successes on a day you need a reminder). The point is, our families, society, and nation understand, celebrate, and applaud the job we are all doing. We should do the same, no questions asked. God bless you fellow mommas, and pat yourself on the back!

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By Cheryl Thode

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