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Meet the Officers in the SSA Security Group

When you see a SSA Security Group car cruising in your neighborhood, stop to talk to the officer driving. Find out what is happening in your area.

SSA Security Group, Inc. of Los Angeles has a rich history of security excellence in multiple fields. Commercial and residential clients have experienced their professional service for almost 20 years.

Since 2005, SSA Security Group, Inc., has curated residential security patrol services. The unique aspect of the private patrol was the utilization of retired and off-duty law enforcement professionals operating as private security in these areas.

The law enforcement professionals utilize their years of training with a true crime suppression mode of operation when protecting the residents in the areas they patrol. The 24-hour a day operation has expanded significantly into new areas of the city while providing a safe environment to the citizens within the boundaries of operation. Each area has its own dedicated 24-hour patrol car.

Residential clients can have direct contact with their guards and 24/7 access to their services. SSA offers vacation watches, home checks, armed alarm response, emergency response, and more in order to best tailor service to their clients.

With dedicated patrol cars for their clients, SSA has seen great successes in their efforts against crime in the neighborhood they are serving.

For more information on keeping your residence, business, and/or neighborhood safe, please call SSA Security Group, Inc. at 818-773-5600.

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