Meals on Wheels West Delivering More Meals Each Month

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Yaya, a dedicated volunteer, is ready to do her weekly delivery.

Meals on Wheels West is on the forefront of innovative home-delivered meal programs and will continue Delivering More Than a Meal to people who are having difficulty purchasing and preparing meals.

Meals on Wheels West’s ability to adapt their heritage program to meet the needs of underserved communities including veterans and the formerly homeless, allowed MOW West to expand their programs to meet the increase brought about by the COVID pandemic.

Meals on Wheels West volunteers and staff are on the front line, focusing on doing everything they can to keep quarantining older residents, the chronically ill, and immune-compromised people safe and nourished.

A local mom is showing her children the value of volunteering.

MOW West implemented strict COVID-prevention protocols and has delivered more than 75,000 meals since March without a single client, volunteer, or staffer being infected. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for Meals on Wheels in Santa Monica and the surrounding coastal communities. The number of meals served to vulnerable community members increased by 61% last month, compared to the previous year. There is hidden hunger even in the most affluent communities.

“These are unprecedented times. Delivering high-quality, nutritious food to those who are most susceptible to the COVID-19 pandemic is critical. More than 200 volunteers have stepped forward and are not only delivering meals, they are also monitoring the health and wellness of our clients,” said MOW West Executive Director Chris Baca. “Our dedicated, brave volunteers are putting themselves on the frontline each and every time they deliver meals to their neighbors in need. Our clients and staff are very grateful to them.”

To volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels or to donate, please call 310-394-5133. more at

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