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Marriage Rings That Have a Different Meaning

Jessica and Bob swinging on the traveling rings at Muscle Beach after they were married.

Bob Chapin and Jessica Cail’s relationship has been closely intertwined with the beach since its very beginnings.

Twenty years ago, the couple first met at Santa Monica’s Original Muscle Beach (OMB) – a spot renowned for its scenic outdoor gym featuring ropes, parallel bars, and swings, among other things.

The fact that their relationship began here was especially perfect for Bob who, as a stuntman and VFX artist, has been a regular at OMB for over 30 years. Jessica, a professor at Pepperdine University, also holds the beach close to her heart – making for a perfect beginning to a lasting partnership.

The couple spent their ten year anniversary in Maui, and Bob proposed there on the beach. They were married the very next day. The wedding took place at Muscle Beach, making it a perfectly full-circle moment that channeled their shared love of the beach into a celebration of their love for each other. The ceremony was incredibly unique, but representative of their passions and distinctive personalities.

The wedding, officiated by a friend Mark Hampton, who dressed as Magnum P.I., was held at the beach’s traveling rings, which became central to the ceremony. When they were asked if they had brought the rings, Bob and Jessica both grabbed the traveling ring, and at the end of the ceremony, the officiant announced: “You may now swing the bride,” upon which the couple did a tandem swing to the end and back, alongside their friends.

From their meeting, to their engagement, to their remarkable wedding and beyond, Bob and Jessica have managed to weave the things they love most into a solid foundation for their long standing relationship. It’s clear that they are the perfect people for each other – fostering each other’s individuality, while ensuring that every aspect of their lives is fun and in line with their interests

and values.

We wish Bob and Jessica all the best in their future, and are inspired by their steadfast passions and clear love for each other!

Bob Chapin and Jessica Cail at their wedding on Muscle Beach in Santa Monica on June 23, 2012 by the traveling rings. At the end of their marriage ceremony, the officiant said, “You may now swing the bride,” and the two did a tan-dem swing to the end and back.

By Gigi Applebaum-Schwartz

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