Local Realtors Keep the Personal Touch … From a Social Distance

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Realtors Chuck Husting and Christina Jhun Hopkins have been business partners for 11 years. “We have a great time together,” Chuck says, because “we complement each other.” Christina brings practicality, organization, and discipline to the table, while Chuck is interested in the many aspects involved of the sale.

Both realtors are L.A. transplants: Christina was born in South Korea, and Chuck is originally from Chicago. Like most of L.A.’s non-native species, they are now firmly rooted here. Each has lived on the Westside for almost 30 years.

The partners cover a “broad spectrum” of residential properties across the Westside from Santa Monica to Westwood, and Malibu to Playa del Rey. Despite their differing approaches, Chuck and Christina agree that one of the best parts of their business is building a rapport with clients. “Each client ends up becoming like our family,” Christina says. They keep the needs and comfort of their clients in mind when they meet them.

They “cherish” getting to know the community that surrounds each property, from owners to staff, as well as the “uniqueness” of each home. “Every property has [a] sort of romance to it,” Chuck notes. “It’s usually a new chapter in somebody’s life when they’re buying a new home. And, it’s a big deal.”

Christina’s previous experience as a pianist also affects their approach to selling homes. She likens the effort and coordination of setting up an open house to the process of preparing for a performance. “In both cases,” she says, “it’s a big accomplishment.”

Though there has been a “pause” in the market, the partners don’t see COVID-19 as ultimately changing the way the real estate market functions. “We still think it’s about people coming to a house and seeing it,” Chuck says. “It’s about people taking the proper steps of precaution as opposed to virtual tours,” he adds, acknowledging that “I’m not talking the way the big buzz is at present.” Though camera and video technology have vastly improved, Chuck says, “Pictures can be deceiving. They just don’t necessarily relate the true feel of a space.” Christina agrees. “We still need to show – human to human.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a period with “not much inventory” and “pent-up demand,” according to Chuck, although “we’re just starting to see momentum come back” in the local market. While he acknowledges that the long-term is hard to predict, Chuck sees the Westside as “different than other areas, because we have a lot of momentum with tech as it continues to combine with entertainment.” Not to mention – although he does – “the weather, the ocean, and the amenities” inherent to the area.

To learn more about these special local realtors, please visit www.chuckandchristina.com.

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