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How Did the 710 Holiday Come About?

The vast majority of us are aware of the 420 “holiday,”where cannabis consumers celebrate all things flower. However, many are unaware that there is a similar celebratory day regarding cannabis concentrates, such as oils and waxes. This day of recognition falls on July 10, or 710, which is “OIL” spelled upside down and reversed.

Smoking concentrates is referred to as “dabbing.” This is the vaporization of cannabis concentrates using high heat. Concentrates are usually made with solvents to extract terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant, leaving a highly potent THC product. Some forms of concentrates are badder, wax, and shatter.

So how did this celebration come to pass?

Back in 2010, hip hop artist TaskRok was on a video call with other cannabis industry insiders. The topic turned to having a specific time to dab, and TaskRok suggested 7:10, as it was “OIL” spelled upside down.

The word regarding 710 spread quickly. This was aided by the release of an album by TaskRok with tracks titled “7:10” & “Boil that Oil.” This album was also released on…7/10. This was followed up by an Urban Dictionary entry connecting 710 with smoking concentrates, then acknowledgement by legitimate publications, first online, then in print.

While the history of 710 is not as long as 420, it is a testament to how quickly new trends and ideas spread in today’s age of technology. An off-topic comment made in the right environment can spread like wildfire and aid in the building of an industry. Who knows what section of the cannabis industry we will be celebrating in the years to come?

By Stephen Freedman

Freedman is the Regional Manager of the ERBA Markets, the WOODS, West LA, Venice, Culver City, and WeHo.

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