How Are Your Coping Skills Holding Up in Today’s World?

Let me ask, how are you doing? How are your coping skills holding up? It’s tough, isn’t it, to carry on? Here are a few tips to help us open our lives to God.

• Pray and meditate more and more often. Choose something – the sight of a bird, a memory, a frequent task, and whenever you see or remember or are doing that, pause, take a deep breath, stretch, and offer a prayer of gratitude or simply wait a moment in silence in the presence of God.

• Take some time each day to get outside of yourself. Call a family member, friend, or neighbor. Send a card or note. Listen to your favorite music. Read a book that takes you to another time or place.

• Get some fresh air and sunshine. Sit by a window. Mask up and walk around the block. From a safe distance, wave at those you meet and let your eyes smile.

• Explore a new form of service in our community, giving yourself to others. Read a book to a child. Take a meal to a frazzled family on your block. Give blood. Donate food.

This can be a time of growing closer to God, family, neighbors, a time of growing in spirit and faith, a time of supporting those in greatest need. We know a lot more about this virus than we did a year ago. We know a lot more about ourselves, about our courage and resiliency. We know a lot more about the essential commitment we all must make to racial justice. We know a lot more about the strength we draw from God and from one another. We know a lot more about how precious life is and how deeply we are knit together in one fabric of life and love. Carry on, Santa Monica!

By Rev. Patricia Farris

Rev. Patricia Farris is from the First United Methodist Church of Santa Monica.

Editor’s Note: Each month we are asking a clergy member of our local churches or temples to do a column on dealing with COVID-19.

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