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Historical Santa Monica Building for Lease

This historic space brings back many memories for local Santa Monica residents who often drive by the location.

Those of us who have lived in Santa Monica for many years have fond memories of the building that sits at 402 Santa Monica Blvd. and 4th St. Once a department store called Henshey’s, it was where we shopped for clothes, gifts, books, and more. It had an elevator to take customers to the second floor. My mother actually had a part-time job there while she was going to college when my brother and I were growing up.

The original building was eventually torn down. Toys ‘R’ Us bought the property and built the building for their use, moving in to it in 1995. Approximately 10 years later in 2005, it closed.

The popular sporting goods store, REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.), took a 10-year lease, with possible extensions. The store is slated to close on February 29.

This space currently has 32,930 sq. ft. on two levels – 17,500 on the first floor and 15,430 sq. ft. on the second level with an elevator.

Long-time brokerage company Muselli Commercial Realtors, Vince Muselli and Evan Pozarny, were selected by the current building owner to handle the leasing

of this desirable location.

With the exciting growth in Downtown Santa Monica, a retail business looking for a premium high-traffic location, such as sporting goods, a gym, clothing store, or mixed-use restaurant with retailing could meet the needs of the local shoppers.

For more details on leasing the building, contact Evan Pozarny at Muselli Commercial Realtors at 310-458-4100, ext. 221.

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