Grateful For Love in Action

The COVID-19 pandemic has been more than the elephant in the room. It has been the elephant in our lives, invading our hearts and minds in every aspect. There is no escape from the daily realities of the heartache that is felt by the

innumerable ripple effects of the related anguish. Even in our gratitude for life, we are often faced with the lurking emotion of survivor's remorse. News sources

remind us of the expansive devastation on both macro and micro levels. We have all been personally affected by this seemingly unending crisis.

It is imperative, however, to embrace the power of love and hold dear to its tangible expression in human form. More than ever before, we have witnessed the power of love go beyond the borders of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geographical locus, familial history, personal station, and beyond. Compassion, empathy, generosity, outreach, selflessness, and love have been enacted to neighbors, both known and unknown.

As Christian people, we are called not solely to know or honor the words of Christ, we are called to do them. Personal worth is not wrapped in what one knows, it is determined by what one does. Moreover, it is imperative that we recognize, search for, and participate in every opportunity encountered to do the love about which we preach.

Please be encouraged! We are resilient. We will survive. We will prevail. And, when we return to life anew, I pray that we do not lose the love that we have learned to live.

By Pastor L. Mack Mossett

Reverend Lemuel “Mack” Mossett III is Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church

Santa Monica

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