Ghostbusters - Who You Gonna Call?

One of my favorite Halloween movies is Ghostbusters. I especially love the theme song: "Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!" As an estate planning lawyer, I think of this song all the time. The relationships I have with my clients can be very personal and of utmost importance when there's a time of need. I am my client's Ghostbuster!

Every week, I get calls such as: My client is facing emergency surgery, but their draft estate plan documents are not signed, or something needs to be updated. I will drop everything and even run to the hospital with my notary in tow if necessary to get the documents signed. Or, my client is on hospice and family members need a copy of my client's health care directive for the doctor, and I can immediately provide it. Or, my grieving client has just lost her or his spouse, and my client doesn't know what to do first.

It is at times like these when I get intense satisfaction from my law practice. I’m helping my clients when they need me the most. And, I marvel at the importance of our attorney-clients relationship at a critical time. They have some to call, and I"ll be there with whatever is needed.

The relationship with your state planning attorney may be the most important relationship you can create. We hope to make it through life never needing a lawyer, except for estate planning. I am often the first and only lawyer my client has worked with, and I am honored by the trust and confidence my client's place in me. I hope there will never be the question of "Who you gonna call?" As their estate planning attorney, they can call on me.

Planning Ahead Column

By Lisa C. Alexander, Esq.

To contact Lisa, call 310-395-6555, or 310-656-4310.

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