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KC Chocolatiers is located at 1432 Second St. near Broadway, in Santa Monica.

Often, we discover a hidden treasure in Santa Monica. At 1432 Second St. near Broadway, KC Chocolatiers shop is tucked away. Featuring the most wonderful Belgian chocolate you may ever taste, you can give yourself a joyful experience, or buy a box to give as a gift. The boxes come in various sizes. They also sell ice cream and hot chocolate, guaranteed to tempt your senses. For hours, call 310-260-7750.

Recently I heard the song, “Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” and

immediately, I was picturing where I was so many years ago on a rare snowy night in Las Vegas. Driving home late at night was very scary for this L.A. native. I’d never driven in snow before, and I was very nervous, but I made it safely home.

Has that happened to you? Hearing certain melodies can transport you back to another time and place, so far from where you are now.

Once when I was shopping at Robinson’s in Beverly Hills, I heard “Tristan and Isolde” playing overhead. Yes, years ago, department stores used to play music to sooth the busy shoppers.

Often when a couple is dating, they have their “song.” When they marry, they are sure to play their song at their wedding. There is still a program on FM radio when you can call in to dedicate a song to your loved one.

Another song that was popular when I was teaching was “The Candy Man.” We taught it to the class that was going to graduate to sing at their ceremony.

Have a wonderful spring.

By Diane Margolin


The Santa Monica Star

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