First African Methodist Church Celebrates 100th Anniversary

For many months, members of the First African Methodist Church (FAME) in Santa Monica planning committee have met to decide the best way to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Bill and Carolyne Edwards headed the busy committee. Doing it through a Zoom meeting was not the easiest way to make a big splash.

But last month, Rev. Carolyn Baskin-Bell welcomed guest preacher, the Right Reverend Clement W. Fugh and Rev. Dr. Allen L. Williams, presiding elder of LA North District to join her congregation in offering inspiring words about the past and the future of the church. Members wore a specially designed white T-shirts that heralded the church on its 100th anniversary.

Many commendations and good wishes were sent by local politicians and church members. Former teacher, Anita Clark, gave a fascinating history of the church.

She talked about when improvements were made, such as when Rev. Alfred K. Quinn was in charge in 1936, or when they got their first organ, when the freeway was constructed in 1961 and when the church held two morning services.

In 2004, Rev. Reuben Ford oversaw the senior housing project. Rev. Baskin-Bell spoke about appreciating the opportunities for new beginnings while cherishing your past. Visit the website at:

Chris Baca, head of Meals on Wheels West, meets with his neighbor Rev. Carolyn Baskin-Bell on the steps of the First Africa Methodist Church. They had been planning a joint event for the 100th anniversary, but it was cancelled.

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