Faith and COVID-19

Many faith communities have not gathered since the first Sunday of March this year. But, we are securely connected through our faith. Not because we attend

online worship weekly, but because we are committed to caring for

each other.

We share in the frustration of hearing that we are living in difficult times and we embrace the hope of a better day. This global pandemic gives us new opportunities to focus on purpose of life and engage in relationships in new ways. The price society pays in emotional stress and economic challenges produces a lifestyle we have not seen in recent times.

Yes, we are tired, but we also know that this virus is real, and things could get worse before they get better. COVID-19 has disrupted our lives like nothing we have seen in modern times. Some find solace in prayer, others in online Bible study, and some look forward to chatting while online in their weekly worship service.

This is a season of reflection and hopeful expectations. One's volunteerism is a good way to get connected and encourage others. Families gain a new appreciation for technology as we learn new ways to communicate with our communities and relatives and friends through platforms like “Zoom” and “Go To Meeting.”

Who would have thought that technology would have impacted faith as it has in these times? What a season to get introduced to faith and family history and to plan for the future through online opportunities.

I’m Pastor Joe, Senior Pastor of ACTS-A Church That Studies, in Santa Monica. For more about our faith community, visit I pray that we will all grow through faith and family.

Clergy Corner Column

By Dr. Joseph P. Metoyer,



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