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Exploring Japan's Cultural Jewels and Natural Splendors

Enchanting Kyoto, Japan's cultural capital, is a serene and historic city that blends centuries-old temples, gardens, and traditional tea houses with modern culture and art.

Imagine embarking on a captivating journey through Japan, a voyage that weaves together the rich fabric of ancient traditions with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. From the historical heart of Kyoto to the dynamic streets of Tokyo and the tranquil Michinoku Coastal Trail, this distinctive itinerary offers an unparalleled exploration of Japan's essence. As someone constantly seeking unique experiences, I am drawn to this intimate upgraded group tour with private transfers that provides ample opportunity for personal discovery. This 11-day adventure ticks all the boxes, making it an ideal choice for both solo and active travelers.


The trip starts in Kyoto, the city's historical significance serving as the gateway. Over a two- night stay, delve into the wonders of the Heian Shrine, immersed in Kyoto's rich heritage. The journey is punctuated with guided hikes through quaint villages, ancient temples, and lush forests.


Next, a bullet train whisks you away to the crystalline waters of Lake Tazawa in Akita Prefecture, celebrated as Japan's deepest lake. Whether gliding in a kayak or pedaling around its shores, the lake's captivating blue hues promise a serene retreat. Visit a local sake brewery, where the age-old art of sake brewing comes alive.


A quintessential Japanese experience awaits with a stay in a Ryokan and a soothing dip in an onsen tucked away in the mountains. An e-bike tour around the village before a soak reveals the sustainable practices and traditions that have preserved these springs through the ages.


Allow two nights in Jodogahama, for a visit to Fudai – a village that miraculously withstood the 2011 tsunami – a pilgrimage to the Unotori mountain shrine, and a trek along the picturesque Michinoku Coastal Trail. A leisurely stroll to Jodogahama Beach for a refreshing swim precedes a bullet train journey to Tokyo.


The final leg of the journey unfolds over three nights in Tokyo, where ancient temples contrast sharply with the city's neon dazzle. A guided tour through Asakusa, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Harajuku, and the iconic Shibuya Scramble unveils Tokyo's complex character. Choose between a culinary walking tour or a day excursion to Mt. Fuji to round off the Tokyo experience.

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By Tanya Gilbert

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