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Enjoy Cannabis in a Consumption Lounge

Cannabis has been legal in California since 2016. Dispensaries are seemingly everywhere, and purchasing cannabis has never been easier. However, one of the main issues facing cannabis consumers is where to actually smoke.

Most rental properties and businesses restrict all smoking, and the consumption of cannabis in public places is still illegal. This makes actually smoking cannabis extremely difficult. What is filling this space and giving relief to these patients is the consumption lounge.

Consumption spaces are licensed areas for cannabis consumption. Only those aged 21 or older are allowed to enter, regardless of doctor recommendation. Only products purchased on the premises are permitted within the lounge, and no outside product, alcohol, or tobacco is allowed. Outside food and beverages (non-medicated) are now permitted within these lounges, and they cannot operate between 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

These lounges not only provide the public with a space to consume their cannabis, but also aid in breaking down taboos and misconceptions of cannabis. Having a physical establishment where adults can use in a free, inviting, and safe space helps in normalizing and removing any negative stigma associated with the plant and its use.

Like all things cannabis, regulations vary by city and jurisdiction. While most have not permitted consumption yet, one city that has embraced this new normal is West Hollywood. Branded the “Emerald Village,” WeHo is becoming an epicenter for cannabis culture. Already boasting a number of dispensaries, they’ve been at the forefront of consumption lounge permits.

One such lounge is the Ganja Giggle Garden at the WOODS WeHo. Here, guests are welcomed into an oasis in the heart of the city. Cabañas are available to rent on an hourly basis, or one can come and relax in our outdoor smoking space, surrounded by over 300 species of plants and four resident exotic birds. You can also enjoy a cannabis-infused beverage at our cannabis bar, all while relaxing by our magical koi pond.

However and wherever you choose to consume, always do so safely.

By Stephen Freedman

Freedman is the Regional Manager of the ERBA Markets, the WOODS, West LA, Venice, South Bay, and WeHo.

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