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Donations to Westside Food Bank Will Be Doubled Through April

This client is receiving fresh vegetables from a mobile food pantry that goes to Virginia Avenue Park on Thursday mornings.

Donations made to Westside Food Bank (WSFB) will receive a dollar-for-dollar match through April 30, 2024, as part of its 28th Annual Phantom Dinner.

For over two decades, WSFB has encouraged its community of supporters, volunteers, and friends to gather in spirit rather than in person to support its hunger relief work. WSFB’s Phantom Dinner tradition enables the nonprofit to allocate 100% of the funds that would otherwise be spent on organizing a gala dinner to the Food Bank’s mission of providing nutritious food for our neighbors in need.

This year, a pool of anonymous donors has pledged to match every dollar donated through the end of April up to $100,000. This means the impact of every gift will be doubled. Normally, $1 is equivalent to four meals, but because of the match, $1 will provide eight nutritious meals for food-insecure children, adults, and seniors living in Los Angeles County.

“The extra assistance programs that helped vulnerable households get through the pandemic have ended, and now Los Angeles County is facing the worst hunger crisis of our lifetime with 30% of residents experiencing food insecurity,” Westside Food Bank President and CEO Genevieve Riutort said. "People are turning to emergency food sources like Westside Food Bank’s network of partner food pantries to survive.”

Food insecurity rates are up another 13% since the height of the pandemic in 2021. The fresh produce, protein foods, and pantry staples that WSFB provides nourish the bodies and spirits of local individuals and families, while the $300 per month that they save on groceries often makes the difference between paying rent or losing their housing. To donate to Westside Food Bank’s Phantom Dinner, visit Together, we can create a stronger, more resilient, and well-nourished Los Angeles.

The Westside Food Bank is located at 1710 22nd Street in Santa Monica. To find out more about their programs, or to become a volunteer, please call 310-828-6016.

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