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Discover the New Businesses at Pico Roots

This sign tells the hours the stores at Pico Roots will be open for business.

The Pico Neighborhood and surrounding areas have been patiently awaiting the opening of Pico Roots. This new project was made possible due to the Community Corporation of Santa Monica (CCSM).

Pico Roots is a marketplace that houses an eclectic mix of diverse small businesses owned and operated by local residents. It is housed on the ground floor of the CCSM Brunson Terrace Building at 1819 Pico Blvd., across from Santa Monica College.

CCSM leadership and staff, the mayor, members of City Council, City staff members, leaders, and business owners from a range of thriving local organizations/businesses, and television news media, along with community members all stood together to celebrate this grand opening last month.

Senator Ben Allen’s office presented CCSM with a certificate. They are extremely excited that this space is opened, as well as the diversity that's present as it is something Santa Monica has needed for quite some time.

The businesses in the space are as follows:

• Youthful Savings Marketplace empowers today’s youth by offering engaging financial and entrepreneurial workshops that take a business idea from inception to operation through generating sales. Visit:

• Jewel Sales Art offers illustrations, jewelry, custom portraits and more. Visit, or on Instagram @jewelsalesart.

• Santa Monica to Senegal Designs offers clothing and items made with fabric and textiles from Senegal, Africa. The owner is a third generation Santa Monica resident.

• Lucky Bug Clothing offers organic clothing and accessories for kids.The owner’s brother creates the artwork on clothing items. Visit

• Adey Gojo - This name means Mother Homeland and the company offers Ethiopian catered food and coffee ceremonies.Visit, or on Instagram @adeygojo.

• Soleil Satnam - offers Mala beads and gemstone jewelry. Visit

• Tiny Bee Cards - sells colorful, fun and unique cards and stickers. They have been a successful online business and are glad to have a store in the community. Visit, or on Instagram @TINYBEECARDS

By Stacy McClendon

Stacy visits with Kimberley Herron in her new Queen & Kings Hair Love It store.

Danny Donayre is with Youthful Savings Marketplace.

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