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Couple Combines Love for Nature and Travel in Their Wedding Ceremony

Cori and Mason greeting a four-legged guest at their ceremony. Photo by Nadine Wendorff

Cori Glazer and Mason Copp both attended college at California Polytechnic at San Luis Obispo. Cori, who grew up in Palos Verdes, was pursuing a Bachelor in Science in Nutrition. Mason, a Coronado resident, pursued a Bachelor in Science in Mechanical Engineering.

While in school, their sorority and fraternity frequently hosted joint events – one of which brought the pair together, sprouting a close friendship which slowly grew into a long-lasting, life-changing romance.

The pair loves to travel. Cori, in particular loves to horseback ride, which is why Mason’s proposal eight years into their relationship during a beach trail horseback ride in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico, was so perfect. They both felt that it represented the unique aspects of their personalities that have come together to create their loving relationship.

Following the picture-perfect proposal, Cori and Mason were married on October 21, 2023 at La Cuesta Ranch in San Luis Obispo – just one mile away from where their relationship began. Cori wore an Adam Zohar strapless gown from NWLA. Their ranch-style wedding featured a quaint barn set against a stunning backdrop of rolling hills, as well as a number of farm-themed components. Instead of a traditional ring bearer, the couple had a goat deliver their rings, and at cocktail hour, they had miniature donkeys, called beer burros, with saddle bags filled with beers for their guests to enjoy.

The pair describes themselves as “experts when it comes to having a good time on the dance floor,” and their wedding was a clear testament to that. According to Cori, they “danced the night away with their family and friends until 2 a.m.,” offering late-night burritos and gelato as fuel to keep the celebration going!

Other important components of their wedding were the Jewish traditions which they sprinkled throughout – namely, breaking the glass and dancing the Hora. “It is a lot of pressure to keep up with trends or base your wedding off of a forecasted list. It is easy to be influenced and harder to be introspective,” Cori shared. “The beauty of things you intrinsically love will be recognized and last forever – just do what feels right for you!”

Cori, who is a registered dietician working in medical sales and becoming a Pilates instructor, and Mason, who is in an engineer for a spine company, frequently travel, and enjoy rescuing senior dogs from animal shelters and giving them loving homes. It appears that they are the perfect couple to do so. The love and care which forms the foundation of their relationship is palpable, and we’re positive that their home is full of compassion and warmth. We wish Cori and Mason continued happiness in the years to come and are endlessly inspired by their love for each other!

By Gigi Appelbaum-Schwartz

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