Congratulations to The Santa Monica Star Newspaper on its 20th Anniversary

I am a fiend for reading all of the Santa Monica freebie newspapers. Whenever I pick them all up at Bob’s Market, my fiancé invariably says, “Feeding your addiction yet again, Jeffie?”

I gladly take that good-natured ribbing because I am compelled by habit to “upload” the various takes on reporting the latest Santa Monica news.

But, The Santa Monica Star is my favorite of them all. It fills a niche the other publications don’t, which I describe as the “Chamber of Commerce” side of Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica Star does not give yet another story on the dust-ups over homelessness, traffic, density, or the SMRR ruling class. Those issues are covered with the other papers. More than covered!

Rather, The Santa Monica Star is what I call the “Last of the Chamber-of-Commerce” publications. Publisher Diane Margolin gives space to what the service clubs are doing, whether it’s Lions, Rotary, or Elks. She gives voice to local business owners with practical and meaningful tips of their trades. She prints photos of people engaging in family activities and bonding.

This type of positive “regular folks” coverage is just not done anymore. Well, maybe in small Midwestern towns with populations under 10,000. But, this is Santa Monica, where we our populace is varied, diverse, and bursting at the city’s seams. For us fans of “Old-Time Santa Monica” where you could travel down Ocean Avenue in minutes rather than days (facetiously speaking), this approach to Santa Monica is right up our alley, and it gives us the impression that ours can still be considered a smallish town where people care about each other.

Let me put it this way. I run a successful estate planning law firm on Santa Monica’s most eastern border. I have written two books on the subject. I have a significant presence on many social media platforms – all business-oriented and family friendly. I really don’t need to advertise in the traditional paper news delivery system to get new and prospective clients. But, I have advertised with Diane and The Santa Monica Star for over five years. Why? Because I really like Diane and her old-fashioned, friendly, all-positive approach to the town in which I was born and raised.

Happy 20 Year Anniversary to Diane and The Santa Monica Star.

By Jeff Condon

Attorney at Law

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