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Catherine Butterfield Publishes Her New Book, The Serpent and the Rose

Catherine Butterfield with hostess Ann Moore at her March book launch party. Photo by Bernadette Lucier

Santa Monica resident Catherine Butterfield is celebrating the recent release of the audiobook of her debut historical novel, The Serpent and the Rose.


Kirkus Reviews gave it a "Thumbs Up – Get It," and praised it as "A sweeping but intimate story that highlights the author's clear attention to detail." The Historical Fiction Company gave it five stars and the Highly Recommended Award of Excellence, calling it "A captivating tale that skillfully weaves together historical, dramatic, and personal elements." The Serpent and the Rose is available everywhere audiobooks are sold.


Catherine’s book tells the story of Marguerite de Valois, a French princess, who despite being famous in 16th-century Europe, has been largely overlooked in history today. Marguerite’s life was so sensational that William Shakespeare was inspired to write Love's Labour’s Lost about her.


A famous beauty who was also an intellectual and polyglot, Marguerite was the daughter of the manipulative and cunning Catherine de Medici, famously known as the Serpent Queen.


To celebrate the publication of her book in March, Catherine’s friend, Ann Moore, hosted a book launch party in her home. Several guests attended and were able to hear more about the book and to purchase a copy. These parties are a special opportunity for authors to talk in person about why they wrote the book and the experiences involved in getting it published.


Catherine is the author of ten published plays that have been performed in New York, regionally, and abroad. She has written, directed, and produced for TV, film, stage, and her YouTube channel. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband, Ron West, and their tuxedo cat.

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