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Can You Help Save a Life?

Amin Sadeghpour is desperate for a life saving kidney.

Many of you may remember Anne Sadeghpour who was the popular librarian at Roosevelt School library six years ago.

Here is a message from her.

Dear friends, extended family, and acquaintances,

Hoping that your challenges in life are minimal and that you are facing them with confidence. We are sharing the information, below, with the encouragement of our son Amin Sadeghpour’s physicians and kidney transplant team at UCLA.

Amin, 39 years old, was born with one functioning kidney. He is now at end-stage renal disease and urgently needs a new kidney. He is on the California UCLA transplant list. A donated kidney may help him survive for many years. He has other special needs, including being legally blind, and in spite of his challenges plays basketball, played trumpet and plays piano, has sung in musical theatre and choruses, is one semester shy of receiving an A.A. degree through Santa Monica College, and is passionate about justice and the law. He lives in Santa Monica, loves reading, and has self-published two books. He has a rich social and educational life.

This is merely to convey information. One never knows when a live or even recently-deceased kidney donor will become available! For example, someone’s relative or friend may be an organ donor but does not have a designated recipient. Knowing of a need may help them make a decision in this regard. Please consider helping spread the word, if you are willing and able, through any venue, including social media.

To find out more about being a donor, those interested may refer to this link: Please contact Amin’s parents with any questions through

Anyone can donate, no matter what the blood type, through UCLA’s kidney exchange program.

Thank you very much. Your thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.

With loving gratitude,

—Anne Sadeghpour

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