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Bru Caplan Brought Her Background in Hotel Management to Open Three Successful Westside Restaurants

Bru Caplan, owner of Flapjax on Wilshire, is holding up one of her giant Apple Strudel pancakes. It is as delicious as you imagine, with the scoop of butter melting on the top.

At the end of 2000, Bru Caplan made the journey from Turkey to Santa Monica. She told her dad she wanted to open a doggy day care business. Her dad’s response was that you do what you know. He said you know the food business. Open a restaurant.

Bru had graduated from studying hotel management. Her parents ran a boutique hotel on the Mediterranean which she and her sister helped run. They served breakfast, afternoon snacks, and their mom’s cooking for dinner. Her brother was studying finance at CSU Long Beach. She joined him in California and ended up working in a restaurant for 10 years. By then she was ready to open her own business.

Bru’s Wiffle on Wilshire opened in 2010 after Thanksgiving, and has had a big following ever since. Often you see people lined up outside waiting to go inside. Bru’s waffles are served with a choice of toppings you can add. She also serves chicken with the waffles.

Her second restaurant opened at 3105 Washington Blvd. in Marina del Rey. It follows the same menu as Bru’s Wiffle in Santa Monica.

Flapjax Diner opened last year at 2315 Wilshire. Bru likes to create new dishes. She says the ideas just naturally come to her. The portions at Flapjax are generous and appealing to your sight, as well as your taste buds.

You can tell by the decor of the restaurants, with its special touches, that Bru treats her restaurants as if they were her home. She tells her staff to think that way also. And, you will notice the gracious servers are very welcoming. There is also a wonderful patio in the back of the restaurant where you can relax and enjoy your meals.

Bru checks the menu periodically and if an item isn’t doing well, she will change the menu. She also checks to be sure the various chefs are preparing the food as it should be made.

She works very hard, as you might imagine. But Bru shared, “I’ve lost a lot of people. I don’t make big plans. I enjoy the moment. I want to be successful, and be nice to people, but I still want to enjoy my days.”

By Diane Margolin

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