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Becky Lantry Keeps Giving Back to Her Community No Matter What Personal Challenges She Faces

Becky Lantry, seated far left in white, devotes part of her volunteer time to working with LAPD Cadets.

Becky Lantry was a member of the Commission on the Status of Women several years ago when I was tasked with staffing this important group for the City of Santa Monica. I watched Becky and other strong, determined, powerful women from a wide variety of backgrounds and careers come together to make decisions that advanced women’s issues in our city.


When I spoke to Becky for this story, I learned so much more about her. She and her daughter moved to Santa Monica in 1979 from Pennsylvania. Her father owned a mechanics shop on Hill and Second. Becky worked there fixing cars and even helped pull out engines until her father urged her to do something more feminine like sewing. She bought a machine and redecorated the whole house with items she had sewn.


Her first real job was at the Mercedes Benz showroom on Wilshire Boulevard. She worked there for a year until she was asked to go work downstairs in filing and to train someone else to do the current job she had been doing.  Becky’s daughter’s Godfather got her into driving/delivering gray market cars across the country.  She would transport Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and more to clients. A couple of famous clients included Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie.   


Then Becky decided to go to college to study Criminal Justice and Political Science. In 1981, she went to school during the week and would deliver cars on the weekends. She continued going until her daughter started telling her that she missed seeing her at home.


Becky’s contributions to organizations, which continue to grow, include:

• Vice-President of the Santa Monica/Venice branch of NAACP, 2009.

• Vice-Chair of FAME Redevelopment which built 49 low income units for seniors on 18th and  Michigan on the church land, 2012.

• Co-Chair and Commissioner on the Commission of the Status of Women from 2012-17.

• Hosted Candid Conversations on City TV, which was a program dedicated to women, 2013-2015.

• Operation Gratitude is an organization that helps the Army, Air Force and Marines that she featured on her Candid Conversations show in 2014. It still exists to this day.

• LAPD Cadet Program where she sits with the Cadets two weeks before graduation, 2022-present.

• Eyes and Ears Group, from  2017-present. A group of various law enforcement staff working to combat retail human trafficking.

• Choir singer for Bishop McClendon First Gospel album. A part of First AME Church Choirs, 2010.

• Nominated for KTLA’s Remarkable Women in February, 2020. A survivor of domestic violence, Becky continues to share her story to help other women.


In April 2019, Becky collapsed with cancer of the spine. Doctors didn’t think she would walk again, but she defied that prediction. Not only is she walking, but she is also still helping many organizations.


Becky continues to defy the odds. She said that she’s here to do God’s will, which is to share things with people that need to be known, and she has no intent of stopping now.

By Stacy McClendon

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