All About Seeds in Our Exceedingly Rich World

Our world is rich with seeds. Some are embedded in the fruits and vegetables we eat, like apples and pears, or cucumbers and avocados, while others, such as dandelions, grow by the side of so many roads, airy and light, waiting to be lifted up by a gust of wind so they can travel to a different place and start a new life.

For us humans, seeds are the essence of life that keep us alive and help us to thrive. For many, they are staple foods such as rice and beans, wheat, corn, and barley – each morsel nourishing our minds and bodies and making us who we are.

In some ways, our very own lives start out as microscopic seeds, like peas in a pod, carried and nourished by our mothers’ own bodies. When you ponder the wonders of life and marvel at its miracles, think about seeds and how they quietly do their anonymous work to make our lives and living possible.

Realistically, not all seeds get planted, grow, and yield a harvest. A large number are consumed as our daily food. Some are weeded out so others will flourish. Some wait on the top of a roof or the crack of a rock and never get their turn to grow. Many others’ fates are simply to enrich the soil and give others a better chance.

The most important seeds in our lives do not always come in physical form. Having a rich and fulfilling life may well depend on us sowing our own seeds in the form of creative thoughts and inspirational ideas, helping them grow to

maturity and making them into successful realities.

In that regard, a seed is the mother of invention. It can become a famous poem, the very first light bulb or airplane, or a promising startup. A seed is the most powerful thing in the world, without which, there wouldn’t be our world, our civilization, or us.

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By Qin Stubis

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