Acology is Here to Stay

Acology owner Terri Tranh, and her staff from left, Linda, owner Terri, Tina, and Lince invite you to come to the store to meet them in person.

Terri Tranh, the CEO and founder of Acology, has run and managed her own company for the last 30 years. Acology is a medical and health care supply store with a holistic twist. When you enter the store, you see an amazing array of goods geared for health and wellness. Lining the wall is a myriad of products from creams, supplements, even the Waff, an inflatable cushion that works to relax the body, to canes, walkers, braces, and more.

With a history of studying acupressure and massage therapy, Terri enjoys using both Eastern and Western ideologies with her products. She works with physical therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists to find what works best for her customers. She also tests many products out on herself, referring to herself and her mother as “guinea pigs.”

Terri treats each customer individually, as it ensures she can get to know them. She wants each person who comes into Acology to find a solution, and deeply believes that, “It is not about the sale.” After being in two major car accidents, Terri explained to me that she uses her pain and methods of healing to help others.

Recently, Terri almost lost her location. After a mix-up with her landlord, she was under the impression that she had 30 days to vacate her building. She eventually found out that the landlord had informed the wrong person, but Terri had already told many customers that her business was moving.

As Acology resettles at the location it’s been for the last 30 years, Terri rethinks her direction. She continues to study more about holistic healing and the most natural way to take care of her customers. As the pandemic continues, Acology is trying to find the most effective and natural way to ensure the safety and health of the people in our community. Acology is located at 1414 Wilshire Blvd., just east of 14th St. Call 310-260-9633, or go online at for more information on products.

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