A Reminder to Always Share and Care

Updated: Nov 3

In a couple of weeks, this nation will celebrate Thanksgiving. Families, friends, and people of faith gather in corporate as well as private settings to offer thanks by participating in special rituals and worship activities. During this season, we are reminded to always share and care. The gatherings and rituals we experience during Thanksgiving remind us to extend expressions of concern and compassion in a consistent manner to those combating challenging situations. Every day is a day to share and care!

After the pumpkins and paper napkins decorated with turkeys are tossed away, there are people who continue to sleep on concrete sidewalks every night. When this Season concludes, individuals are still seeking support from food distribution centers. Some senior citizens make decisions regarding whether to purchase groceries or medication. These circumstances urge us to always share with those who are struggling economically. We are encouraged to donate regularly to equip shelters and agencies who share resources with those seeking assistance.

Every day is a day to give Thanks! Not only are we reminded to always share, but to care for individuals experiencing loss or loneliness. Often the holidays trigger emotions of anger, depression, and pain that are associated with grief. Since the Pandemic, many discover it easy to escape into social isolation with feelings of void as a result of loss. Every day is a day to give Thanks by caring for that individual mourning the loss of a spouse, partner, friend, or relative. The loss of job, home, or personal property leaves a space of vacancy in our lives with room for depression and anger to reside. Caring is an act that expresses kindness and concern.

Some actions which demonstrate care are a phone call or an invitation to meet for coffee, lunch, or dinner; communicate by card, email, or text through words of encouragement and cheer; as well as offering or recommending support to complete necessary projects and chores. Every day is a day to give Thanks!

May this Thanksgiving generate a continuous flow of sharing and caring for all humankind. As 2023 approaches, we are reminded to always demonstrate care and compassion as an act of giving Thanks. The act of sharing and caring also provides a sense of peace and joy to those who offer time, talent, and treasure as deeds of Thanks. This Season is an opportunity to reinforce activities that we are taught to practice daily. Every day is a day to give Thanks!

By Reverend Carolyn Baskin-Bell

Senior Pastor, First AME Church, Santa Monica

Serving the community of Santa Monica for 101 years, 1921-2022

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