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A Passionate New Discovery of a Very Old Holiday

Updated: Nov 2

If you ever run out of ideas for something to celebrate on any given day, don’t forget to consult your calendars, especially those that are constantly updated online. For me, they are precious sources where I discover all the special celebratory days under the sun and find a seemingly inexhaustible number of surprises.

These calendars open my eyes to many uncommon, worthwhile, and even silly holidays I have never heard of before, such as International Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Swap Ideas Day. Stuffed with salutary and celebratory ideas from charitable organizations such as American Humane and “holidates” from leading “eventologists” such as Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, who, amazingly, has launched more than 1,900 new holidays, I will never run out of ways to have a good time and make my day a special one.

I must admit that sometimes I’m obsessed with finding new commemorative ideas, whimsically checking out specially marked days and chewing over their importance. Some make me chuckle, while others make me think.

As the years change, the months rotate, and the days go by, I’m always in awe of finding more holidays I never noticed before, some which were established a long time ago but that I am just learning about for the first time.

Recently, I stumbled upon a holiday that I didn’t know existed that stirred up my passion and found a special place in my heart. From this moment onward, I will mark it down on my personal calendar and celebrate it every year: National Authors Day on November 1.

What a coincidence that I happened to find it exactly five months after the publication of my historical memoir, Once Our Lives. I finally earned my authorship after some 20 years of labor, and now, I have found a perfect day to celebrate it every year!

Some say that the idea of National Authors Day stemmed from a women’s club in Illinois in the 1920s. But, it was not until 1949 that the United States Department of Commerce officially recognized it as a holiday to celebrate American authors. Now, I am amongst them!

For me, inviting National Authors Day into my life is very special, for I can now dedicate a day of my life not only to celebrating the birth of my own work, but also to giving thanks to all the writers who have inspired me to read and write throughout my life.

I want to spend this day diving into the rich world of books and the vast sea of knowledge where humanity is eternal and wisdom is free for anyone to seek. I hope all of you will join me in celebrating this wonderful holiday, whether you are a writer, an aspiring author, or a reader. All you need is a book to make this day a special one.

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