A New Salon to Discover

If you’re on the hunt for a new hairdresser, look no further than Salon on Barrington, a friendly neighborhood salon. Located on National and Barrington, Salon on Barrington has nine different hairdressers who are very experienced and equipped to care for any type of hair needs.

Founded and owned by Kris de la Vara, Kris prides herself in creating a “very good sense of community at the shop.” This is evident, as there are five different languages spoken by the staff: English, Thai, Farsi, Hebrew, and Spanish.

The interior creates a sense of comfort and peace as it is decorated with couches and flowers, with additional access to treats like cookies and coffee. Business owner, Kris, who moved west from Michigan in 1980, has been interested in hairdressing since she was 18 years old.

Kris was born into a farming community but had found joy in doing hair since she was only ten years old. Practicing her craft on her family, she would style their hair in a variety of different ways. When asked why she chose West Los Angeles as her place of business, she revealed that she loves the westside and all the uniqueness that comes with it, stating, “I like having the difference.”

Kris has been very grateful to have survived the pandemic. She adores her clientele and even insists that she gains her energy from them. Looking forward to the future, she says that Salon on Barrington is “here to service old friends and make new ones.”

Salon on Barrington is at 2850 S. Barrington Ave. at the corner of National Boulevard. Call Kris at 424-832-3826 for an appointment for a new spring look for you and your family.

By Corinne Pagan

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