A Mindful Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s Day is a time to honor those women in our lives who have shaped us, comforted us, and taught us how to live in this world.

We can honor them with flowers, candy, and cards. Or, we can choose to honor and delight them with a mindfully prepared breakfast served in bed. When we do an action mindfully, it means we are doing it with attention, purpose, and awareness.

We focus on the details of the activity and enjoy the process with all our senses. To make a mindful breakfast in bed for your mom (or mother-figure) take the following steps purposefully and give yourself plenty of time. You don’t want to rush the act of love you are creating. 1. Choose the menu. Pay special attention to the foods your mother loves and what she would truly enjoy. 2. Shop for the ingredients. If there is a special ingredient in your mom’s favorite food, make an effort to find it. 3. Prepare a lovely place setting on the tray you will carry into the bedroom. Adorn it with your mom’s favorite flower, color, or memento. 4. If possible, put new sheets on the bed. Accent the nightstand with a beautiful candle or crystal. Make the space special. 5. On Mother’s Day morning, as you prepare the breakfast, pay attention to what you are doing. Avoid chaos and noise. Focus only on the task of making the breakfast.

Think about your mother and how much she has done for you. Imagine that each egg you scramble or slice of bread you toast reflects your gratitude and appreciation. 6. When the meal is cooked and placed on the tray, present it to your mother with love and appreciation. Let her know you made this meal especially for her. 7. After she’s eaten it, clear off the dishes. Wash all the pots and pans. Leave her kitchen in beautiful condition. She deserves it.

By Dr. Sheila Forman

Dr. Forman is a psychologist and mindful eating instructor. Her new book TAME Your Appetite: The Art of Mindful Eating will be in stores in Spring 2022. For more information, go to www.TAMEYourAppetite.com

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